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Gradle projects can use the yosql-tooling-gradle plugin to use YoSQL in their builds. The following steps show how a basic setup looks like. In case you are looking for more details, check out the configuration section further down below.

  1. Add the plugin to your build.gradle(.kts) file as describe in the Gradle plugin portal.
  2. Add .sql files in src/main/yosql and write SQL statements into them. Take a look at the various options to structure your SQL files.
    ├── build.gradle.kts
    ├── settings.gradle.kts
    └── src/
        └── main/
            └── yosql/
                └── domainObject/
                    ├── queryData.sql
                    └── changeYourData.sql
                └── aggregateRoot/
                    ├── findRoot.sql
                    └── addData.sql
  3. Execute the yosql task (or just run gradle build) to generate the Java code.


You can configure how YoSQL operates and how the generated code looks like by using the yosql task extension. Take a look at the available configuration options in order to see what can be configured.

yosql {
  configGroup {
    configOption = configValue