write more SQL!

YoSQL is a yesql inspired persistence solution for Java. It converts SQL statements into type-safe Java code with lots of configuration options for fine-tuning and support for a wide variety of persistence APIs.



YoSQL allows you to use the full power of your database to overcome the individual challenges of your project. Re-use existing database tooling to iterate quickly by just running an SQL statement directly against your database without ever starting your JVM application. Bridge the gap between developers and DBAs by using your SQL statements as a common meeting ground and place for performance tuning.

zero dependency

YoSQL is a true zero dependency solution. Instead of adding a new dependency to your project, YoSQL is available as a build-tool that is only active during build-time. Once everything is generated, YoSQL is no longer required at run-time. Want to rely only on JDK classes without any external dependencies? - YoSQL got you covered as well.

call us, we won’t call you

YoSQL recognizes that most projects already have an existing persistence layer in place. Instead of forcing users to rewrite big parts of their software, YoSQL adapts to your project and supports a wide selection of persistence APIs and custom converters in order to re-use as much existing code as possible. YoSQL is small enough to be used for a single complex and unique challenge alone without causing any friction with existing code.

developer friendly

No magic involved - YoSQL generates code that is easy to read and debug. Step-through in case you encounter an error or use the extensive logging capabilities of YoSQL to monitor both code generation and SQL execution. No hidden SELECT statements or opened transactions, developers using YoSQL are 100% in control on how their SQL statements are executed. Get started quickly in under a minute (not reading this included): Just add the appropriate plugin to your project, and you are good to go.


Want to try it out? Head over to the tooling section to find out how you can add YoSQL to your project. Once the setup is done, the general approach to use YoSQL is always the same:

  1. Write SQL statements or fine-tune YoSQL config.
  2. Run the YoSQL tooling you have set up in your project to generate Java code.
  3. Write application code that calls the repositories generated by YoSQL which in turn call your SQL statements.